Owning a car is no longer a luxury; rather, it has become a basic necessity. In this time of rush hour traffic and round-the-clock routine, having your own car ensures your personal control and mobility. We are here to facilitate your dream car.


  • Up to 85% Financing on Brand New or Reconditioned vehicles
  • Maximum Loan Tenor: 6 Years
  • Partial/Full Early Settlement Option


Age: 21 to 60 Years

Minimum Working Experience:

  • For Salaried Employees: Minimum 1 year experience including 6 months with current employer
  • For Professionals: 2 year experience of practice
  • For Businessman: Minimum 3 years of continued operation in the line of business
  • Minimum Monthly Income: Taka 50,000
  • Sound Repayment history


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